Primula Tea Brewer

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Tea Infuser · 12 oz · Microwave Safe

The Primula personal tea maker is designed to provide the perfect mug of brewed tea. Each tea maker includes a transparent mug made of hand-blown borosilicate glass along with a glass infuser and lid. This glass is specially crafted to retain heat and freshness longer while continuing to provide crystal-clear clarity. This tea maker is the ideal choice when savoring a flowering tea and watching the bloom unfold right in your cup. Or enjoy steeping your favorite loose tea by inserting the infuser into your personal mug and topping it with the lid. Within minutes, you'll be savoring your own delightful individual brew made just for you.


  • Both parts made of laboratory-strength, stain-free borosilicate glass
  • Excellent for brewing tea with loose tea leaves or tea flowers The lid doubles as a coaster
  • Safe for stovetop, dishwasher, and microwave
  • Includes a sample tea flower