Primula Classic Tea Brewer, 18 oz, Tea Infuser

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Delicious tea in 5 easy steps!

1- Detach the tea basket: hold the top of the retractable tea basket. Push up while turning the bottom of the tea basket left, then pull away. 2- Place loose leaf tea (recommended) or tea bag(s) inside tea basket and re-attach to lid. To re-attach lid, align the dimples on the tea basket with the grooves on the top of the tea basket, push, then turn right. 3- SLOWLY pour hot water into glass beaker. For best results, follow tea manufacturer recommended water temperature and time for optimal steeping. 4- Place tea basket and lid on tea maker and allow to steep for 1 – 5 minutes, to taste. To extract maximum flavor from the leaves, slowly raise and drop tea basket to agitate leaves. 5- When tea has steeped to your preferred strength, retract tea basket by lifting knob up and folding shaft to lock basket in the raised position.