Sugarplum Basket

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Gourmet Assortment:
1 Half Pound Bag of Coffee
Stash Tea Bags
Nikki's Key Lime Cookies
Gourmet Caramel Pop Cprn
Walkers Shortbread
Rademaker Chocolate Sticks
Parmesan Bruschetta
Bellagio Gourmet Hot Cocoa
Ghiradelli Chocolate Bar
Stonewall Kitchen Preserves
Sahale Nut Snacks
Double Cream Tea Cake
Pastille Candy Tin
Aunt Gloria's Sugar Cookies
Pirouline Cream Wafers 
Comfort Collection Biscotti
Chocolate Spoon

 Gourmet coffee gift basket 

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Note: To fill and ship the gift basket promptly, similar product of equal or greater value and quality will be substituted when listed items are unavailable. Displayed photograph is for illustration purposes only.
Due to size limitations only 1 gift basket may be placed per order. If you need to place an order for more than 1 gift basket please place a second order after the 1st order has been placed. Orders will be shipped at the exact same time.