Times they are a changin'

Posted by Christopher Morini on

To: All current and past customers of Empire Coffee & Tea.

Subject: Empire Coffee & Tea Online Store Changes.

In the next few weeks Empire Coffee will be switching over to their new website hosted by Shopify.com (www.shopify.com)

Rest assured you will still enter the same web address you always have been entering: www.EmpireCoffeeTea.com

What this means for you in terms of a brand new website, is the added social functionality to interact with Empire Coffee and it’s community, but also purchase coffee on the go through the use of Blackberry, Android, and iOS enabled devices.

This new website also employs very advanced new features in order to make your shopping experience as streamlined as possible.

Empire Coffee & Tea is committed to providing you the best coffee and tea and other fine Empire products, selections available. Through this new web store we are able to bring you more products, more options, and more specials faster than ever before! We have listened to our loyal customers, and we are happy to provide this new level of service.

Empire Coffee & Tea is also proud to provide the highly demanded option to provide a punch card to online!


That’s right. We added functionality of it’s famed Coffee Card to it’s online customers! The punch cards given to customers that walk in the store get are now able to get “punches” online! This means free pounds for every 10 pounds you purchase! We have worked hard to find a way to do this, and finally IT’S HERE! 

Empire Coffee is also proud to announce ALL FORMS OF MAJOR CREDIT CARDS (Visa, Discover, Master Card, American Express) are now accepted at checkout.

Security as well has been a big concern for many of our long-term loyal customers and we have given it to them!

With 128bit SSL encryption and routed firewall security procedures, and the fact that your credit card information IS NEVER SEEN. NOT EVEN BY EMPIRE EMPLOYEES!

In the coming weeks we will be implementing this change. It will be overnight and will not detract from your normal shopping experience.  We have determined that since the holiday season is literally upon us, we will be keeping the “old” site on the back burner just as a security measure. Rest assured that if the site directs you back to the old site even when you were on the new site, that there are no tricks being played. It simply means that we are working around the clock and making improvements.

Improvements are being made on an hourly basis to this new web store. We expect to run into a few bugs. We ask that should you ever run into a problem that you please do not call the store but email the “site management” directly at:


Development & IT Support: MoriniEnterprises@Gmail.Com

Empire Coffee Support: EmpireCoffee@Yahoo.com

(These email addresses will be converting into Support@EmpireCoffeeTea.com & Sales@EmpireCoffeeTea.com shortly. We thank you for your patience and support.)


If it is an issue or concern with payment or checkout, please contact the store directly at 1-800-262-5908. Staff is standing by and waiting to assist you.

Empire Coffee & Tea thanks you in your continued loyalty as a customer. We are looking forward to this amazing new addition to the shopping experience and look to provide you with fine Coffee, Tea, and other related products for years to come. 


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